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My Prep School, formally known as Mandarin Gardens Kindergarten, is an integrated Montessori preschool providing warm and cosy learning environment to children under the guidance of Montessori trained teachers. 
The school encourages children to explore their worlds within a structured but creative framework. Montessori classrooms are designed to allow children the freedom to explore and indulge their natural desire to work and learn. We invite our children to manipulate, explore and cultivate their individual initiative, curiosity and motivation that make learning more enjoyable. 

Through their own independent work, children develop concentration and persistence through self-motivation and self-discipline. Children are at their happiest when they are busily involved in processes. As a result, children are interested in and they are the ones that end up making them feel good about themselves and their abilities. 

Our Mission

To build innate interest and love in learning.

To allow the children to learn at their own pace.

To develop a holistic education. 

Our Vision

Excellence in providing preschool education.



Mandarin Gardens

LengKong Dua

Lucky Heights